PETALING JAYA, Sept 11 — Facebook vlogger Nas Daily sparked the ire of Malaysian social media after making insinuations about Malaysian drivers in a recent video.

In the one-minute long clip, Nas Daily, whose real name is Nusseir Yassin, sings praises of the parking etiquette in Singapore, claiming 95 per cent of Singaporean drivers park in reverse to save space and that drivers who don’t do it are “usually from another country”.

The video then cuts to a shot of a poorly parked car with a license plate registered in Johor.

It did not take long for Malaysians to hit back with photographic evidence to show that Singaporean drivers are not as faultless as Nussier makes them out to be.

Some pointed out that Singaporean drivers would respect road etiquette in their home country, but not in Malaysia.

“I think you should try to see how they behave in Malaysia,” Muhammad Syahmi commented on Facebook.

“Double park, overspeeding, using emergency lane, park in disabled people parking spot, and when you try to enter the mall you can see their car [taking] up two spaces for a car. All of them with the Singapore car registration number.”

Siti Fazura also weighed in on the issue, saying, “When [Singaporeans] come across their border they will drive like hell.”

Yassin responded to the above comment saying, “I wouldn’t know as I can’t enter Malaysia. Let me in and I promise you I’ll make that video.”

The 26-year-old once compared to Malaysia to North Korea, saying that getting into the former was as hard as trying to enter the hermit kingdom because he holds an Israeli passport.