Saying ‘no’ to Lavida coins, Aishah to sue Vida as last resort over fake necklace

Aishah says she has given Vida ample time to resolve the dispute. — Picture by Ham Abu Bakar
Aishah says she has given Vida ample time to resolve the dispute. — Picture by Ham Abu Bakar

PETALING JAYA, Aug 30 — Singer Aishah has said that if all else fails, she will have no choice but to sue Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman, better known as Vida, over an allegedly fake RM80,000 necklace the latter had sponsored.

“Vida has made it clear that she refuses to apologise so the last option will have to be legal action,” Aishah told Malay Mail.

“I’m not trying to start a fight but sometimes you have to stand up for what is right.”

Aishah said she was previously keen on meeting the cosmetics mogul to resolve the issue but changed her mind when Vida said she will only exchange the necklace, which she insisted is genuine, with her new cryptocurrency Lavida Coin.

“For me, the only coin that has value is issued by Bank Negara Malaysia,” she said.

The central bank had yesterday added Vida’s cryptocurrency operator in its consumer alert list.

Aishah, whose real name is Wan Aishah Wan Ariffin, has been in the spotlight this week after posting an Instagram video to prove that the Vida-sponsored diamond necklace was not authentic.

The diamond necklace was part of an array of prizes — which included a bungalow unit, RM100,000 cash and a trip to Eastern Europe — for winning Gegar Vaganza 4, a singing competition for professional singers which included Aishah.

Aishah said she discovered the necklace was fake when she took it to a jewellery store for resetting.

“I have knowledge about gemstones — one-carat of genuine gemstones is valued around RM1,000 while the synthetic cubic zirconia is RM5 per carat.

“The stone even has a marking that says cubic zirconia,” she said.

Aishah said although she found out the necklace was of no value a year ago after she won the Astro reality show, she chose to reveal it on social media on Saturday as the issue was left unresolved.

“I’m hoping with a revelation like this, there will be more stringent guidelines to avoid this from repeating.

“I don’t want a younger and inexperienced person in the industry to go through what I did,” she said.