Kevin Morais ‘knew too much’ about those in power, brother claims in tussle for body

Brother of the late Anthony Kevin Morais, Charles Suresh Morais speaking to members of the media during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25, 2015. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa
Brother of the late Anthony Kevin Morais, Charles Suresh Morais speaking to members of the media during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25, 2015. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 — Deputy public prosecutor Anthony Kevin Morais likely died because he knew too much about those in power, his brother Charles Suresh Morais claimed today in a signed statutory declaration (SD), amid a dispute over the deceased man’s body.

“I do not for one moment believe Kevin was killed because he was prosecuting a government pathologist for corruption,” the 52-year-old businessman said in the 18-page SD distributed to the media at his lawyer’s office here.

“Kevin was killed for other reasons and I believe these other motives were due to the fact that he knew too much about the criminal acts of those high up in the echelons of power in Malaysia and he needed to be silenced because of that,” he added.

Speaking to the media later, Charles Suresh also said that he believes there may be a plot against his brother Kevin and that the latter’s death was linked to his work related to “high ranking” government officials, although he declined to name those he suspected were involved.

Another brother, Datuk Richard Morais, was reported as claiming Kevin’s body from the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary on Monday.

Charles Suresh had on Monday filed an application for a court order for a second post-mortem, although he said today that he believed that Kevin’s body may already have been cremated.

The case management for the second post-mortem bid has been fixed for December 4.

Morais’ body was found hidden in a cement-filled oil drum in Subang Jaya 13 days after he was abducted en route to his Putrajaya office from his Segambut home on September 4.

Charles Suresh told reporters that he was merely trying to aid authorities by seeking a second opinion, claiming that the first post-mortem report allegedly only had one line that said Kevin’s probable cause of death was “asphyxiation” or suffocation despite the lack of marks on the body to suggest strangulation.

He added that a pathologist from Australia, Professor Stephen Cordner, was already slated to come to Malaysia to conduct the second review on the cause of death once the court gives its nod.

In the SD, Charles Suresh said he felt it was important for a second post mortem to be carried out in view of the “suspicious circumstances” surrounding Kevin’s abduction, pointing out that he had asked his lawyer Americk Sidhu to write to all parties involved of his wish to do so and to preserve Kevin’s body at the mortuary.

Prior to Richard’s reported collection of the body on Monday, Charles Suresh said his lawyer had on September 28 received verbal confirmation from an Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) officer that there would be no objections to a second post-mortem, and had also sent an October 7 letter to the AGC to confirm the same.

Charles Suresh said his lawyer had also previously sought for the post-mortem report and consent for a second post-mortem through letters dated October 15 and October 19 to Hospital Kuala Lumpur’s pathology department head and director, and had also instructed his lawyers to give a written notice on November 9 to Richard’s lawyers that the latter was not to claim the body until the second autopsy was done.

In the same SD, Charles Suresh claimed that he had “reason to believe that Richard has been instigated by certain personalities to claim and dispose of Kevin’s body before a second post mortem could be conducted”, alleging that there was a conspiracy to cover up the murder and destroy evidence through the cremation.

“I am very surprised that the authorities at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur and the police appear to have been complicit in allowing Kevin’s body to be removed from the mortuary by Richard when they were both fully aware that I wanted a second post mortem to be conducted,” he also said in his sworn statement.

According to the SD, Kevin is the eldest of four siblings and Charles Suresh is his younger brother, with the latter claiming to have been the only sibling which Kevin communicated with from 2004 until 2015.

He claimed in the SD that Kevin had before his death always told him of his whereabouts and later claimed that his phone was tapped, with the latter allegedly also saying several months before his death that he was involved in investigations involving powerful personalities.

Kevin had failed twice to retire from the Attorney-General’s Chambers and had intended to eventually reside at a London apartment in the UK upon retirement, Charles Suresh said in the SD.

“I am convinced that Kevin knew something was going to happen to him. I could sense this from the conversations I had with him over the phone shortly before he was abducted,” he later said in the SD before highlighting Kevin’s visit to lawyers in London to make an August 13 will to bequeath the apartment.

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