Abused maid recounts eight months in torture ‘chamber’

The police have arrested a couple for abusing their Indonesian maid, Meriance Kabu, in Ampang. ― File pic
The police have arrested a couple for abusing their Indonesian maid, Meriance Kabu, in Ampang. ― File pic

KUALA KUMPUR, Dec 24 — A 23-year-old Indonesian maid held captive in a low-cost apartment (Block M10) in Pandan Jaya, Ampang, by her evil employers has spoken for the first time of the eight months she was tortured and sexually assaulted.

Meriance Kabu from Jakarta, who also had her teeth pulled out with sharp objects by a lesbian couple, was rescued after a neighbour found her crumpled distress note.

The abusers are in police custody while Meriance is recovering at Ampang Hospital from injuries on her face and private parts.

The couple, aged 47 and 39, were arrested on Saturday. The duo are currently remanded until Dec 27 to assist investigations.

In her note, she said: “Setiap hari saya mandi darah (I bathe in blood everyday).”

Yesterday, Meriance revealed the cruel, humiliating and violent treatment in a case that takes a leaf out of the worst maid abuse in the country involving Indonesian Nirmala Bonat in 2004.

“I would get bashed for any little thing. One morning, they came into my room and stomped on me. It has been a daily nightmare for me.

“The most painful episode occurred one evening when I was taking a nap. I was not feeling good following the beatings I received previously. My employers came into the room and started bashing me. I was weak and semi-conscious. That was when they used sharp objects to start pulling my teeth.

“I still remember how I was bleeding profusely and was not given any treatment. I used my own clothes to stop the bleeding. For days, I was unable to eat anything and was in constant pain. There were times they forced me to eat my own tahi mata (sleepydust).

“The abuse became more violent. They even inserted a big and hard object into my private part. Throughout my stay there, I was never allowed to communicate with anyone. I was also barred from stepping out of the apartment. I feared seeking help from anyone in case my employers found out.

“I could not imagine what they would do to me. I was only fed when the employers felt like doing so. There were days when I only survived on tap water. When they (employers) go out, they would lock me in with their dog.

“During the eight months there, all that came to my mind was Nirmala’s case. I was in Jakarta when news of her abuse case was widely highlighted. I never thought I would go through a similar predicament. It came to a point where I just could not take it anymore.

“My biggest fear was that I would not be able to make it out from the apartment. That prompted me to write the note, begging for help. I am so glad someone saw it and contacted the police. I just want to recover as soon as possible and once my case is over, I want to go back to Indonesia and never return to Malaysia.”

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