KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 7 — Ever had a craving for McDonald’s Ice Cream so bad you wanted to scream?

No? Well this Singaporean man did.

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McDonald’s Singapore ran a campaign from August 29 to 31 where patrons had to scream to earn a free voucher for a Hershey's chocolate-flavoured ice cream.

The fast food chain installed a digital board at one of their outlets in Funan Mall.

A viral TikTok video captured the attempts of various customers to win their vouchers.

Queuing customers appeared to have fun listening to each yell loud enough to fill the digital bar.

One man in a yellow shirt screamed so loudly that his entire body clenched, tipping his toes.

Many online users joked about the man’s passionate scream, relating to belting away stress.

“The second dude was going through something he had to let out.”

“The second guy is my favourite you can feel his scream.”

“The yellow shirt man is about to turn 'Super-Saiyan'.”

Online users from Malaysia meanwhile hoped that McDonalds will bring their “screaming challenge” to local outlets.