KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 A Tunisian bride was left at the altar by the groom after his mother complained that she was short and ugly.

The man's mother was said to have only seen pictures of Lamia Al-Labawi and never in person before the ceremony, Yabaleft reported.

Upon seeing Lamia's appearance on the day of the wedding, the woman reportedly threw a fit and complained about the bride's physical appearance.

She said Lamia was not attractive enough for her son before telling him to abort the wedding.

The groom was pictured wiping his face with a handkerchief while the bride stood next to him.

Lamia has since taken to social media to lament about the unfortunate incident as she had spent a lot of money for preparations.

She said she was very embarrassed over the matter and could not look people in the eyes after the ceremony was stopped.

She said she could hear them talking about her behind her back and making snide remarks about her.