PETALING JAYA, June 30 — A Barbie superfan from Brazil has spent more than £163,000 (RM871,019) turning her home completely pink, including the water of her swimming pool.

Nicknamed Barbie by her classmates due to her obsession with the dolls, influencer Bruna who has a law degree, has amassed 18.5million followers on TikTok with her videos getting more than 40 million views.

She told New York Times that she has loved anything pink since she was young but when she hit her teens, she wouldn’t trade pink for anything.

Hailing from the state of Paraná, it is reported that she is one of the 10 most followed Brazilians.

In her latest video, Bruna shared a tour of her home — from her fancy life-sized Barbie house to her Barbie-themed dining room and bedroom.

@brunabarbieoficial My real Barbie Dream House! #barbie #roomtour #pink #house #barbiegirl som original - Bruna Barbie

“I started on VibeFlog sharing photos of my day-to-day with my pink looks and before I knew it, I started to get popular on the internet. I didn’t really think too much about it.

“Then in 2009 I joined the now-defunct Orkut (social networking website) and ran five profiles.

“Until then I’d only really shared photos of my pink outfits, but soon after, I decided to take the leap and make some videos for YouTube.

“I started sharing my pink life more and more.”

After starting to get good money from being an influencer, she decided to start her next mission of making her very own Barbie dollhouse to live in.

During that time, she was faced with the dilemma to continue her law career or to be more active with social media presence.

Bruna eventually chose to become a full-time social media influencer promoting all things pink and Barbie.

“With my successful work as a digital influencer, I started making a lot of money.

“Then I saw the possibility of building a house inspired by Barbie and inspired by my pink style.

“My home is a place where wishes come true, where imagination is transformed into sweet, pink, and unparalleled experiences and where fantasy goes hand in hand with the real world,” she said.