KUALA LUMPUR, May 13 ― Administrators of a school in Philadelphia ended up with red faces after they accidentally sold red thongs packaged like flowers for Mother's Day.

St. Anselm Catholic School, which has about 250 pupils between pre-kindergarten and eighth grade, had wanted to sell roses for the celebration, Newsweek reported.

It was unclear how the mix-up occurred.

After the school was made aware of the matter, school principal Seamus Mee sent an email to parents to explain.

“The roses sold at our Mother's Day plant sale were not the single faux flowers originally intended.”

“Instead, the item was a Valentine's Day gift intended for adults. The administration will determine how the error occurred and take steps to prevent a further recurrence,” Mee wrote.

There is also a clip going around social media showing an alleged St. Anselm parent holding a “rose” he received from the school.

In the video, a woman tells a man to open the flower and as he begins to unfurl the rose, he immediately notices the mistake.

“Oh my god, I see it already,” he says with a smile, pulling out lingerie from inside the plastic wrapping. “That's hilarious.”

The woman recording the video laughs, saying the school had already sent out an email to parents apologising for the matter.

She even jokingly says, “Thank you, St. Anselm!”