TOKYO, Jan 28 ― Japanese companies are worried about their employees' well-being. Because of the lack of personal interaction related to current working conditions, they are encouraging their workers to sign up to dating sites in an effort to find love.

The pandemic is still keeping Japanese employees at home. Out of a concern for their well-being, nearly 800 Japanese companies, including very large ones like Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp., are encouraging their employees to sign up with dating platforms in an effort to find love. The objective? That they feel “happier,” and thus, are able to be “more productive,” according to the Japan Times.

This unusual encouragement is part of employee benefits offered by companies. Some are even covering part or all of the subscription costs for the apps. Aill goen, for example, is the least expensive app on the market; its price is 6,000 yen or about 52 dollars a month.

According to a study carried out by Aill goen in December 2021, nearly 76 per cent of its users were able to get dates. This high date count is made possible by the app's artificial intelligence features which translate into a kind of friend offering advice. The app encourages the user to invite their match on a date or to withhold this request if it's deemed to be too soon. ― ETX Studio