KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 ― A Singaporean TikTok user has residents of the republic whipped into a frenzy after sharing clips of him hiding money at undisclosed locations and encouraging people to search for it.

Luke Goh, using the handle @seathebreezee, posted a clip on Sunday saying he hid SG$1,000 (RM3,094) at the back of a MRT station in the republic.

"I'm coming back in three days to see if someone finds it," he said in the clip.

Goh had panned his camera to show the surroundings of the station to drop hints of the station's location.

Making good his promise, Goh returned to the station three days later and found the money he left earlier had indeed been taken.

In its place, Goh found SG$2 (RM6.19) at the spot.

He also invited his followers to suggest the next location where he should hide the money.

On Tuesday, Goh hid the same amount of money beside a bus interchange in Singapore.

The first drop-off clip has been viewed 921,000 times while the second drop-off clip has been viewed 598,100 times.

Responding to a comment asking him to do it near army camps, Goh said it was a good idea.

"But now I'm broke! Need (to) take a while!"

Shin Min Daily News reported that after the first clip went viral, at least seven people were seen gathering at Tampines MRT station to search for the money.

It was reported that some spent three hours searching for it but went home empty-handed.