PETALING JAYA, June 9 — Women wondering why they are still single should keep their ambition in check and stop trying to outdo men, says ophthalmologist Prof Datuk Dr Muhaya Mohamad.

The doctor and motivational speaker courted controversy online after uploading a now-deleted video advising women on ways to end their singlehood.

Her tips included telling women to “act dumb” because men prefer docile partners with “lots of oestrogen” and that women need to be helped by their male counterparts.

The well-known doctor who often promotes medical and religious content on social media also erroneously equated women’s drive to succeed in their careers to high levels of testosterone.


“Stop trying to liberate yourself to be equal to men, no,” she said.

It’s a given, she said, that women with “high testosterone and a lot of drive, who want to be independent and achieve things” will find a partner late in life.

Prof Muhaya subscribed to the view that women must celebrate male leadership and strength as prescribed by God.


She reminded women that no matter how successful they are in the workplace, when it comes to religion, women will always be behind men.

“All imams are men, prophets were also men.

“Let’s say in the office you have a general worker who’s male and a female CEO, when you’re praying, the man is still leading you no matter what,” she said.

Malaysians did not hold back from slamming the television personality for her outdated views on gender roles.

“If women are too independent, we would have high testosterone? I would rather be single if my stupidity attracts my future spouse,” wrote @empthyshadoww who uploaded a snippet of the video on Twitter.

“Why must we downgrade ourselves? Already the world doesn’t respect women and now we have to insult ourselves?” added @swaroseki.

Many also expressed anger over the transformational speaker’s damaging message to young women, including London-based Malaysian surgeon Dr Amalina Bakri.

Prof Muhaya who has more than half a million followers on Instagram has yet to respond to her latest video, which she has since removed due to backlash.

She has also disabled comments on her Instagram posts after receiving an outburst of criticism from the public.

Prof Muhaya previously made headlines in January this year after urging those who face anxiety to stop taking their medication and ignore their psychiatrist’s advice.