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2021/04/13 Italian priest hangs up cassock for love
2021/04/13 Malaysian dad shares challenges of raising child with rare Pompe disease that costs RM500,000 yearly to treat
2021/04/13 Health Ministry slammed online for victim-blaming sexual harassment article, other questionable posts still up
2021/04/13 Indonesian man names newborn son after department he works in
2021/04/13 Going digital in times of Covid-19: How on-demand delivery helps Malaysian SMEs reach full potential (VIDEO)
2021/04/13 Swiss watch expo switches to Shanghai after virtual debut
2021/04/13 Decades strong: Chinese bodybuilders pump iron at old Beijing gym
2021/04/13 Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 1 sneakers, valued at over US$1m, to be sold
2021/04/13 New York’s Fashion Week to return in-person in September
2021/04/13 New species of frog unearthed in Peruvian Amazon jungle
2021/04/13 Dutch tourists trade lockdown at home for Greek resort confinement
2021/04/12 Fashion’s premiere Met Gala returns with two shows... and two parties
2021/04/12 World’s priciest painting may be a Leonardo after all
2021/04/12 Ramadan decorations up in Jerusalem as Palestinians prepare for Muslim holy month
2021/04/12 Integrity Dept investigating Chef Wan’s son-in-law for allegedly taking on second wife without permission
2021/04/12 Global Islamic platform ImamConnect enters Malaysia to offer various online religious services
2021/04/12 ‘Aidid married Serina when he was still my husband,’ says ex-wife of Chef Wan’s new son-in-law
2021/04/12 ‘Rumah Lat Dan Galeri’ in Batu Gajah to finally open in July after seven years of construction
2021/04/12 ‘Looks like a gremlin’: Chihuahua in US goes viral on social media thanks to funny adoption post by rescuer
2021/04/12 In Russia, the legend of cosmonaut Gagarin lives on
2021/04/12 Two years on, Notre-Dame awaits long path to pre-fire glory
2021/04/11 Nasa delays Mars copter flight for tech check
2021/04/11 Cuba: New animal-welfare law allows cockfights, religious sacrifice
2021/04/10 Polish teen’s fake beauty site helps lockdown abuse victims
2021/04/10 Brazil building new giant Christ statue, taller than Rio's
2021/04/10 Egypt unveils 3,000-year-old ‘lost’ city near Luxor
2021/04/10 First British LGBT retirement home to open in London
2021/04/10 A painting by Toulouse-Lautrec in a hospital setting comes up for auction
2021/04/09 Big brands join US$1b forest conservation push for SE Asia
2021/04/09 Indonesia’s Grab and Gojek take Ramadan commercial to the next level with galaxy-themed, humorous ads (VIDEO)
2021/04/09 K-beauty brand Innisfree apologises after ‘paper bottle’ turns out to be plastic in disguise
2021/04/09 Semen load: Malaysian expert highlights ways to increase sperm quantity, quality
2021/04/09 Nilai Medical partners with Roche to give much-needed financial aid to Malaysian breast cancer patients
2021/04/09 Malaysian florist spends 17 hours to make bouquet using ringgit notes worth RM50,000
2021/04/09 Instagram-worthy 7-Eleven in Damansara Avenue pairs K-pop with neon signs to jazz up shopping experience
2021/04/09 Scar tissue: Vietnamese women find healing with tattoos
2021/04/09 Sri Lanka arrests ‘Mrs World’ over assault
2021/04/09 Pumpkins, peas, peonies: New York exhibit celebrates Japan’s Kusama
2021/04/09 Mental after-effects linked to lockdown can be countered — as long as you socialise
2021/04/09 Disneyland's Avengers area to open in June with Spider-Man and shawarma
2021/04/09 Egyptologists find vast millenia-old ‘lost golden city’
2021/04/09 Biodiversity ‘hot spots’ devastated in warming world
2021/04/09 Mind blown: Modern brains evolved much more recently than thought
2021/04/08 Big beats: Gorilla chest thumps ‘signal’ body size
2021/04/08 Italy’s sparkling apple trees are frozen to survive
2021/04/08 Spain blocks sale of possible Caravaggio painting
2021/04/08 Giant monitor lizard ransacks 7-Eleven store in Bangkok, leaves shoppers terrified (VIDEO)
2021/04/08 Among the last: At 78, Ezekiel Velu has been a petition writer in Ipoh for 58 years and does not plan to stop
2021/04/08 This Ramadan, #MutualAidKuantan aims to raise RM36,000 to give chicken rice packets to marginalised communities
2021/04/08 93pc of Malaysians support ban on cosmetic testing on animals, says Humane Society International (VIDEO)