How to enjoy riding your bike even when it rains (VIDEO)

Bub-up is priced at €119.95. — Picture courtesy of Rainjoy
Bub-up is priced at €119.95. — Picture courtesy of Rainjoy

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PARIS, Jan 20 — With Bub-up, cyclists can now have a real bubble of protection against rain and cold.

Easy to carry and deploy, this solution is designed above all to enable cyclists to ride without a hood and getting their clothes (overly) wet.

Developed by French company Rainjoy, this solution fits in a bag that can be easily carried anywhere.

Based on the same model as the tents that unfold in two seconds, the Bub-up unfolds instantly and is then easily stowed away as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Once deployed, Bub-up forms a kind of protective bubble that can be adapted to any bike (or scooter).

It forms a protective hood over the rider, starting from their back and extending to the bike’s handlebars where it is attached. Its shape has been designed to reduce wind resistance and protect about 80 per cent of the body from rain and wind.

Bub-up positions itself as a viable alternative to rainwear, which can be more complicated to wear and transport.

Rainjoy also offers an accessory equipped with a red LED that helps cyclists be seen in the dark, which can be attached directly onto one’s Bub-up.

Of course, in order to fight off the cold when riding a bike, it is also advisable to cover up well by wearing several layers.

And since cycling in the rain can be dangerous it’s important to ride very carefully, adapting your pace to the road conditions and being vigilant about anything that could potentially represent danger such as manhole covers or crosswalks.

Bub-up comes in black or blue and retails for €119.95 (RM589.49). — AFP-Relaxnews

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