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2021/01/21 Preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew reaches out to frontliners after call for help
2021/01/21 Covid-19: Malaysian Institute of Art’s music department to host free virtual concert to bring comfort and hope
2021/01/21 ‘You lost bigly’: Twitter users get creative with memes imagining contents of Trump’s letter to Biden
2021/01/21 US Senator Bernie Sanders at Presidential Inauguration sets social media on meme frenzy; Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool joins in
2021/01/21 KL unit trust agency manager gives free food to delivery riders as a form of encouragement
2021/01/21 Malaysian woman raises eyebrows online after turning pet koi fish into soup dish
2021/01/21 Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 tests positive for Covid-19, shares recovery journey on social media
2021/01/21 Catnip leaves kitties feline groovy, wards off mosquitoes, study shows
2021/01/21 Turn back time? Study hints at way to halt decline as we age
2021/01/21 What does ‘catalyst’ refer to in the work environment?
2021/01/21 Munich daredevils take to icy waters in Covid-era challenge
2021/01/21 Pfizer vaccine likely works against UK variant, studies show
2021/01/21 Mattel launches new Barbie doll honouring Dr Maya Angelou
2021/01/20 Tourism on track in the world’s largest cave
2021/01/20 Malaysian parents take to Facebook to share the mischief that their kids have been up to during MCO
2021/01/20 TikTok users left baffled after Indonesian girl shares tutorial on how she feeds her pet mosquito (VIDEO)
2021/01/20 Penang chef selling home-cooked food from RM2.50 with RM1 delivery charge for extra income after pay cut
2021/01/20 Vogue to release new Kamala Harris cover after controversy
2021/01/20 Pay it forward: Ipoh café owner gives away cendol he bought from roadside stall as a sign of support
2021/01/20 Beyond the oil wells, Syrians rummage in trash to survive
2021/01/20 Kind Shah Alam woman sets up free snack bar outside home for delivery riders to refuel between jobs
2021/01/20 Butterflies create jet propulsion with a clap of their wings, study shows
2021/01/20 Malaysia’s English radio station Hitz records 12pc increase in local music since mid-2020
2021/01/20 How the male mantis keeps its head during rough sex
2021/01/20 Study: Reducing air pollution ‘could prevent 50,000 EU deaths’
2021/01/20 Stolen 500-year-old Leonardo da Vinci copy found in Naples flat
2021/01/20 Chinese scientists develop gene therapy which could delay ageing
2021/01/20 Let off steam with people from around the world in free online Zumba classes
2021/01/20 How to enjoy riding your bike even when it rains (VIDEO)
2021/01/20 Study: Consuming fried food, even in moderation, is harmful to our hearts
2021/01/20 Emirates, Etihad to pilot virus ‘travel pass’
2021/01/20 Taiwan scraps new year festival after rare coronavirus outbreak
2021/01/19 Oxford given £100m for antibiotic resistance research
2021/01/19 Lawyers for UK’s Meghan seek to stop privacy case going to trial
2021/01/19 Oak trees take root in Iraqi Kurdistan to help climate
2021/01/19 Carlsberg Malaysia donates RM2 million in food and education aid to underprivileged Malaysians, flood victims
2021/01/19 Malaysian man and friends provide free food packets for Covid-19 patients in Sungai Buloh Hospital
2021/01/19 Klang woman sings praises of man who made effort to track her to return her personal belongings
2021/01/19 Geriatrician: Elders need flu vaccine to avoid ‘twindemic’ that could break Malaysian healthcare system
2021/01/19 South Korean mukbang host in the soup with fans in South Korea and China over kimchi debate (VIDEO)
2021/01/19 MCO: Policeman who postponed wedding thanks Malaysians for support, says never meant for photo to go viral
2021/01/19 You can now customise Astro’s adorable Moo Moo Da mascot on Uniqlo T-shirts for CNY
2021/01/19 Study: Immune system 'remembers' coronavirus for at least six months
2021/01/19 Here's why you should probably turn your camera off during your videoconferences
2021/01/19 Museum of London acquires 'Baby Trump' blimp
2021/01/19 Human activity behind nearly all global warming, says study
2021/01/19 Branson’s Virgin Orbit reaches space for first time
2021/01/19 Escaping coronavirus lockdowns, tourists flock to Dubai
2021/01/18 After social media apology, myBurgerLab is giving free meal vouchers to customers whose orders were cancelled
2021/01/18 Ikea Malaysia and Singapore cleverly sell reusable carriers with printing error, now known as ‘alamak’ bags