Kazakh bodybuilder weds sex doll Margo after 18 months of ‘courtship’ (VIDEO)

Tolochko has been living with his sex doll Margo for more than a year. — Picture from Instagram/yurii_tolochko
Tolochko has been living with his sex doll Margo for more than a year. — Picture from Instagram/yurii_tolochko

PETALING JAYA, Nov 26 — Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko has tied the knot with his sex doll Margo in an intimate wedding attended by close friends.

Tolochko initially planned to marry his unusual life partner in March but was forced to delay the event due to Covid-19 restrictions.

His dreams finally came true recently and he posted a 40-second Instagram clip yesterday with a simple caption, writing “It’s happened. To be continued.”


The video shows the couple sharing a kiss under a wedding arch as dozens of well-dressed guests clapped and proposed toasts to their marriage.

Tolochko can also be seen slipping a wedding ring onto Margo’s silicon finger and holding her close for their first dance as husband and wife.

The pink-haired doll has been Tolochko’s companion for 18 months now and he often shares photos of her on his personal Instagram as well as a dedicated account he created in her name.

While some of the snaps capture innocent moments of the couple on romantic dates, others are more risque and feature Margo in skimpy lingerie and posing in sexual positions.


Tolochko told UK tabloid The Daily Star that he identifies as pansexual and can fall in love with “a character, an image, a soul, just a person.”

He also professed to be a fan of the BDSM subculture, adding that Margo is “capable of what other people are not capable of” when it comes to practising bondage.

“I like the process of sex itself. And gender, sexual orientation are not particularly important here.

“I love being tortured, I can endure a lot of pain. I love to dominate too. Margo is capable of what other people are not capable of,” said Tolochko.


The muscleman's peculiar relationship with the sex doll has caused a stir on social media but Tolochko remains unfazed by naysayers who see their union as perverse or unnatural.

In an Instagram post in June, Tolochko shared photos of him and Margo working out together and suggested that “couples need to talk less and connect more.”

“With time and experience, Margo and I realised that it takes more than words to have a conversation.

“Your partner sure deserves the best, but they have to do their part,” Tolochko wrote.

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