Lion dance or Chinese vampire? Melaka wedding bridesmaid gets laughs online for over-the-top reaction (VIDEO)

Sally the bridesmaid startled by the sound of a tray dropping. — Screengrab from Twitter/@Lelakigeeknew
Sally the bridesmaid startled by the sound of a tray dropping. — Screengrab from Twitter/@Lelakigeeknew

PETALING JAYA, Feb 5 — A bridesmaid’s dramatic reaction at a wedding has been tickling the funny bones of Malaysian social media users.

While accompanying the bride during a wedding ceremony in Bachang, Melaka last week, a bridesmaid simply known as Sally was caught on camera after reacting wildly when a metal tray dropped on the ground.

Her comical reaction was captured in an eight-second video that has been making its rounds on Twitter.


Many have likened the bridesmaid’s response to a Chinese-hopping vampire and a lion dance performer seeing the funny incident took place during the Chinese New Year festivities.

According to Syerry, the bride and a good friend of Sally’s, some members of the groom party wanted to prank the bridesmaid during the reception.

“It was Chinese New Year so there were fireworks and Sally was already jittery from the noise because she gets startled easily.

“Even throughout the wedding procession, she was already fidgeting and swearing.

“So when I was heading to the reception table someone dropped a tray and that made her react like a Chinese ghost,” Syerry told mStar.

Knowing her best friend’s penchant for over-the-top reactions, Syerry had warned her bridesmaid to be mindful before reacting only for the opposite to happen.

The bride even reminded her bridesmaid to not pull her long veil.

“I told her, ‘If you want to react, you need to control yourself’ but when I turned back, she was on a jumping fit.

“I even asked why she looked like a ghost in a Chinese drama. She said she has no idea, it was spontaneous — her antics were definitely hilarious to see,” Syerry said.

The newlywed who owns a clothing store in Galaxy Ampang said she apologised to Sally after the clip was shared on a Facebook group.

She did not expect the hilarious footage to go viral.

On Twitter, social media users have been having a field day weighing in on viral clip.

“2 in 1. Package includes wedding procession and mini lion dance at the back,” wrote @mxhdh_.

“From bridesmaid, she turned into a lion dance performer. Proof that women change easily,” said @axdilusopp.


Sally’s unexpected reaction has been viewed over 462,000 times since its posting on January 29.

The clip has received over 20,000 likes and 30,000 retweets.

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