Malaysian teen shares painful experience of being body shamed despite losing weight, going to the gym

The 17-year-old from Damansara took to Twitter to talk about how she lost 29kg. — Picture from Twitter/@J0eyi
The 17-year-old from Damansara took to Twitter to talk about how she lost 29kg. — Picture from Twitter/@J0eyi

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PETALING JAYA, Jan 17 — Attempting to live a healthier lifestyle is a positive goal for anyone to have on their list.

But one teenager discovered that not everyone was willing to cheer her on despite losing a tremendous amount of weight in the name of better health.

While chronicling her impressive weight loss journey from 105 kilogrammes (kg) to 76kg, Twitter user @J0eyi from Damansara said that even though she had shed a lot of weight, the teasing and body shaming never stopped.

“I was sad that even though I lost a lot of weight, people still said I was fat and people still teased me, including teachers,” she wrote in a series of tweets.

@J0eyi who is simply known as Juwita was referring to her secondary school graduation last year where she managed to fit into a kebaya, the traditional attire known for its figure-hugging cut.

Juwita initially embarked on a fitness routine in December 2018 using her graduation in the following year as motivation.

Despite losing 29kg by September 2019, she couldn’t understand why she was still a target of teasing and she left what should have been a proud occasion in tears when she reached home.

Even after posting an image of herself in the gym, she continued to be body shamed.

“After that post, people still criticised me for going to the gym.

“Body shaming will never stop until the world ends,” Juwita wrote.

The 17-year-old who wants to achieve her ideal weight of 50kg took to Twitter earlier this week to talk about how her hard work paid off.


In her series of tweets, Juwita painted a brutally honest picture of life as an overweight teenager from fighting with her mother during the Hari Raya festivities because she couldn’t find an outfit that would flatter her to the anxiety that awaited whenever her picture was taken.

“I was jealous of my skinny friends because they looked good in everything they wore,” she wrote.

The teenager was also inspired to reach a healthy weight because of her family’s history of diabetes and high blood pressure.

“All those diseases are the beginnings of more serious health issues such as kidney disease and heart disease,” she said.

In her tweets, Juwita also shared diet tips and the benefits of working out as early as possible in life.

Her inspiring story has received 3,805 retweets and 7,150 likes since its posting.

Many on Twitter have responded positively to her weight loss journey, commending her hard work, honesty and slimmer self.


“Congrats, so pretty,” @dindamaniss commented.

“Good job, I’d like to know your everyday meal please,” said @Haniysss.

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