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2020/01/31 Cheap as bread, girls sell sex to survive crisis in Africa
2020/01/31 Storm-hit Zimbabweans endure another rainy season in risky homes
2020/01/31 Street art creates a splash of new life for Lisbon barrio
2020/01/31 Bionic jellyfish? Yes, and they are here to help
2020/01/31 Holiday spots in southern Thailand face hard times after coronavirus outbreak
2020/01/31 As threats rise, African scientists delve into climate change health impacts
2020/01/31 France cracks down on plastic waste, destruction of unsold clothes
2020/01/31 Mathematics teacher takes to the river for add maths lesson
2020/01/31 ‘Goofy’, ‘Mickey Mouse’ try to break up fight between Minnie Mouse cosplayer and security guard in Las Vegas (VIDEO)
2020/01/31 Shedding its bad past, this Chow Kit walking tour by Kg Baru native shows its rich history and hidden gems
2020/01/31 Study: Children learn better when in contact with people they trust
2020/01/31 Vegan meals and old tuxedos: Hollywood red carpets go green
2020/01/31 Leather or latex? Delving into Paris’ underground scene
2020/01/31 Can virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa help manage addictions? Doctors have put them to the test
2020/01/31 Record heat forecast for coming years
2020/01/31 Sarcophagus dedicated to sky god among latest ancient Egypt trove
2020/01/31 New telescope reveals sun’s surface in closest detail yet
2020/01/31 Ten sculptures by Dali nabbed in Stockholm break in
2020/01/31 Prince Harry loses complaint against Mail on Sunday
2020/01/31 Gigi Hadid will sit on the LVMH Prize expert panel
2020/01/31 Italy to let passengers off cruise ship after virus scare
2020/01/31 US life expectancy up for first time in four years, statistics show
2020/01/30 Climate change linked to African locust invasion
2020/01/30 Hunger, fear and death: An Ethiopian migrant family’s story
2020/01/30 In US, diabetics turn to black market or Canada for life-saving insulin
2020/01/30 Burning Man unveils ‘Empyrean’ temple for its 2020 edition
2020/01/30 Ipoh’s Majestic Hotel to undergo RM108m redevelopment
2020/01/30 Fugitive giraffe found dead in Thai canal
2020/01/30 Nicaraguan cigar factories keep it in the family
2020/01/30 Lifesavers: Sandakan medical team’s hard work administering polio shots wins over social media
2020/01/30 First love on the front lines: Coming of age in the Hong Kong protests
2020/01/30 Forty-four-year-old Asian-American woman quits desk job to become pole dance champion (VIDEO)
2020/01/30 Russia funds IVF baby boom to battle population slump
2020/01/30 Meet ‘Meow Meow’, the new grumpy cat that’s even angrier than her precursor
2020/01/30 ‘High’ court: American man facing marijuana charge lights up joint in front of judge [VIDEO]
2020/01/30 Malaysian airport cleaners diligently wipe down surfaces to protect travellers from Wuhan virus
2020/01/30 Japanese billionaire Maezawa pulls out of dating show that promised the moon
2020/01/30 French adventurers train for Arctic exploit
2020/01/30 Two defunct satellites narrowly miss collision, officials say
2020/01/30 Philippe Starck creates first chair to be designed using artificial intelligence
2020/01/30 Marc Jacobs and Charlotte Rampling star in new Givenchy campaign
2020/01/30 Turn back time: How quitting smoking reverses lung cell damage
2020/01/30 Showbiz apes find peace through painting in Florida retirement
2020/01/30 to launch dedicated shopping platform
2020/01/30 Greta Thunberg patents own name and ‘Fridays for Future’
2020/01/29 Budapest’s Banksy disciple sparks treasure hunts and nostalgia
2020/01/29 Berlin’s panda twins ready for public debut
2020/01/29 ‘I’m never coming back’: Lebanon crisis fuels brain drain
2020/01/29 Study: Wine regions face dramatic shrink with climate change
2020/01/29 Red Sea huge source of air pollution, greenhouse gases, study shows