KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31 — Traditionally, Disney cartoon character Minnie Mouse leads a fairly innocent life, but that certainly wasn’t the case for one cosplayer.

The cosplayer, a woman who dressed up in a Minnie Mouse costume, got aggressive and took down a security guard in a sidewalk fight in Las Vegas.

The hostile incident was caught on camera by passers-by who witnessed the angry woman as two men in Goofy and Mickey Mouse costumes attempted to break up the fight.

It’s unclear why the Minnie Mouse cosplayer got into the fight with the female security guard, but the situation appears to escalate quickly.

In the 38-second video clip, the woman in the costume rips off her mouse head and immediately starts hammering the security guard while also pulling her hair and shouting vulgar words.

The video, which was posted on Twitter yesterday, has been widely shared on social media with millions of views.

In the clip, both the cosplayer and the guard continue to trade blows until two men, one in a Mickey Mouse costume and another in a Goofy costume step in to break the fight up.

During the heated brawl, Minnie also appears to punch Mickey as he tried to stand in the middle of the two women.

However, Goofy finally manages to push Minnie away to end the fight.

The angry Minnie is then seen taking off her mouse costume feet before storming away from the street fight scene.