PETALING JAYA, July 23 ― Unless you were a math whiz in secondary school, just about any Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) student would tell you Additional Mathematics was a painful subject to endure.

But with the right teacher, anything is possible.

Meet Fathi Hussein, a young Add Maths teacher from Cheras who is taking social media by storm thanks to his approachable and fun techniques to help students ace the notoriously difficult subject.

Known for his fast-talking ways and solving complex equations in a heartbeat, Fathi is also one of the teachers featured on Astro Tutor TV, an interactive channel for all school-going children in Malaysia.

Often clad in a batik shirt, Fathi, who has now gained the coveted “viral” status, frequently uploads videos of him teaching SPM students and PT3 students at Maths Clinic, a chain of tuition centres.

Among the math topics explored by Fathi include probability distribution, inverse functions, bearings as well as gradients and graphs.

In one Instagram video, Fathi’s energetic teaching style garnered over 355,000 views with more than 300 comments.

He also currently has 60,500 followers on Instagram.



Bearings Form5 Maths. Habis topic ni kita gerak topic Earth.😈 See ya next week guys! . . #mathsanova

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In a quest to make mathematics not problematic, the comments that poured in proved Fathi was making headway by getting students excited about the subject.

“Love this topic,” wrote @atillafitry while @adharaihana commented, “This teacher made me obsessed with add maths, I like the way he teaches.”

Other Instagram users who were well beyond their schooling years could only wish they had a teacher like Fathi to inspire them.


sharing is caring okies! tag membe awak yg kena tau this thing 🤪 . #mathsanova

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“This looks so fun, if only there were teachers like this in school during my time, I’d surely get an A but for my SPM I only managed to scrape through,” wrote @azm1117.

“If I attended a tuition class like this back then, I’d definitely score an A,” shared @wulandari_aurelliyana.