Nineties, sport luxe and neon: Top fashion trends of 2018

The neon trend spotted on the Balmain runway for the fall/winter 2018-2019 season in Paris, March 2, 2018. — AFP pic
The neon trend spotted on the Balmain runway for the fall/winter 2018-2019 season in Paris, March 2, 2018. — AFP pic

NEW YORK, Nov 23 — Fashion in 2018 saw loose-cut clothing, fluorescent colours, denim and hoodies, all make their comeback from the 1990s to the forefront of the scene. On top of this, the Lyst fashion search platform’s Year in Fashion 2018 counts luxury sportswear, cowboy styles, plastic and sustainable fashion, as just some of the year’s hottest trends.

The Lyst fashion search platform has compiled and analysed some 100 million searches, encompassing query keywords, page views, sales data and social media mentions, to come up with a full fashion retrospective of 2018.

In terms of trends, nineties and noughties aesthetics returned to the runways and the street. Indeed, the platform saw search terms relating to the two decades increase greatly over the course of the year. The “Western Cowboy” trend proved popular too, with a notable increase in searches for cowboy boots and fringed jackets, and the neon colour trend saw a 120 per cent increase in fashion searches for the striking shades, notably for highlighter pink and green.

After various fashion houses pledged to give up animal fur — some even leather — in 2018, Lyst identifies sustainable fashion as another key theme of the year. The platform reports a 47 per cent increase in searches for keywords relating to sustainable fashion, such as “vegan leather” or “organic cotton”.

Supreme scores the hottest logo of the year

Lyst also looked at the world’s most in-demand logos. It may come as little surprise to hear that Supreme — a brand known for its collaborations with some of the biggest fashion houses — tops the list with its red box logo, with searches up by some 1,000 per cent.

Next come logos from two brands that both made their big comeback to the fashion scene this year — Champion and Fila — followed by fashion houses such as Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Kappa, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Celine.

Ugly sneakers stomp to the top

Who would have thought that ugly sneakers would be one of the most-wanted items of the year? And yet ugly sneakers top Lyst’s global bestsellers of 2018, based on the total volume of search and sales demand worldwide. Favourite models were the Fila “Disruptor” and Nike “M2K Tekno,” not to mention the Balenciaga “Triple S.”

Belt bags take second place in the rundown of 2018’s global bestsellers, with searches for waist packs up 80 per cent year on year. Next come leggings, puffer coats and slides. Note that cycling shorts — tipped as a major trend for 2019 — also saw sales up 78 per cent year on year.

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