Live showrooms, interactive 3D imaging: How carmakers are taking auto shows into virtual world

Peugeot inaugurated its first online show this week. — Image courtesy of Automobiles Peugeot via AFP
Peugeot inaugurated its first online show this week. — Image courtesy of Automobiles Peugeot via AFP

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PARIS, Oct 15 — After Volkswagen created an interactive digital experience for its new launches last April, now Peugeot is giving virtual access to its latest models. As most major motor shows worldwide have been canceled this year due to the global health crisis, virtual presentations are trying to recreate the sensations of the events through various virtual approaches.

Peugeot has created a dedicated website, the Peugeot Show, which offers a 3D recreation of a traditional show booth. This site will be on view through October 31, allowing the French brand to present its latest models.

Virtual users can “wander” through the site with a 360-degree perspective and have access to the cars directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer. The vehicles are organized into three distinct universes: Performance, electric and new cars.

Between October 15 and 25, a live showroom will also be offered via the same website, with a physical booth and live presentations as well as direct discussions with sellers, mimicking a traditional show, but remotely. These sessions will be offered every day from 9am to 7pm Central European Time, plus two night openings until 9pm on October 16 and 23.

These online initiatives allow car manufacturers to offer solutions previously adopted by tech brands to share their latest innovations with their audiences in a live, immediate format with Volkswagen organising a virtual show last spring.

As going online can often be a less expensive alternative to taking part in real-life events in Geneva, Frankfurt or Paris, major car manufacturers started showing less interest in these official gatherings for economic reasons over the past few years, even before the pandemic broke out. This type of virtual show may well herald the future of the industry, covid or no covid.

Discover Peugeot virtual showroom here. — AFP-Relaxnews

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