Highly-anticipated Aston Martin Valkyrie makes public debut in UK (VIDEO)

Aston Martin Valkyrie made a public debut at Silverstone. — Handout via AFP
Aston Martin Valkyrie made a public debut at Silverstone. — Handout via AFP

LONDON, July 16 — After months of teasing design sketches, publishing glamorous commercial images, and sharing engine sound clips, Aston Martin’s Valkyrie finally made its public debut on Saturday, giving the crowd of the 2019 British Grand Prix a taste of the hypercar’s power.

On Saturday as a curtain lifter for the competition, Aston Martin publicly debuted the long-awaited Valkyrie hypercar ahead of this year’s British Grand Prix, a model developed through a collaboration between Aston Martin, Red Bull Advanced Technologies, and AF Racing.

Not only was the 1,160hp vehicle put on display, but also it was demonstrated making laps around Silverstone’s Grand Prix circuit — a drive that marks “one of the first times that [the] Aston Martin Valkyrie has been driven in the physical world.”

According to Chris Goodwin, the test driver who showed off the vehicle’s performance, there is still “a lot of development work to go, but we can now begin to really push the physical testing process and realise the capabilities of what we have developed over the past months.”

In fact, Groupe CEO Andy Palmer promised that while Goodwin did not drive the Valkyrie at top speed around the track, the model “possess[es] unrivalled levels of performance.”

To date, all 150 road-legal models have already been sold. Deliveries of the Aston Martin Valkyrie will begin in the final quarter of this year. — AFP-Relaxnews

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