Coordinated effort needed to manage increasing cases of Covid-19 — Malaysian Medical Association

OCTOBER 8 — The MMA views with great concern the worsening spread of Covid-19 nationwide. The situation is especially dire in Sabah and Kedah.

The astronomical increase in numbers in both states necessitates the need for TEMCO in multiple red zones.

At such a critical time, the public in TEMCO areas and affected states need enhanced communication, briefing and support.

In the same instances, the need for increased Covid-19 testing capabilities, bed strength, quarantine centres, ventilators, PPE and associated manpower escalates at lightning speed.

Supplies most certainly will be outstripped by demand in a very short period of time. In Sabah, with the vast land areas, cities and towns spread over hundreds of kilometres, porous borders with neighbouring countries and the acute problem of large numbers of undocumented immigrants, the existing problems are multiplied many folds.

Now is the time to decentralise communication channels, ensure that each state take ownership of the exploding pandemic and are able to act independently with speed in their own jurisdictions.

MMA therefore humbly suggests the following:

1) State Crisis Command centre to coordinate all activities and ensure needs of the state are met on all fronts.

2) NGOs and Public are coordinated to assist the state efforts.

3) All relevant data including equipment, manpower, bed strength, testing capacity etc are displayed on the State Command centre dashboard for stakeholders to coordinate, in particular to include data on shortages and needs.

4) Private sector hospitals, clinics and doctors are engaged in the fight against the pandemic.

5) For Federal Govt to Channel all support Urgently including Funds, Resources and Manpower.

It is hoped that while some of these measures may have already been taken in one way or another, we appeal to the prime minister, minister and the director-general of Health to considerably enhance efforts in meeting these dire needs as we join hands in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail.

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