SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 11 ― Could Disney be gearing up to launch a metaverse in a real-world context? Using new phone-based technology, the company could offer its community a new experience for storytelling and connecting fans with characters.

How can we experience the metaverse without a virtual-reality headset? The Disney company was recently granted a patent for an application filed in July 2020 to create personalised interactive attractions for visitors to its theme parks. This new experience could be achieved without a headset, throughout the Disney parks. The technology would work through the use of a cell phone that would generate and project 3D content onto specially designated spaces such as walls or objects.

With this patent for what is described in the patent as a “virtual-world simulator in a real-world venue,” Disney proposes a different take on the classic vision of a metaverse. Imagined by many as a digital universe accessible only through a headset or virtual reality glasses, Disney could stage its own metaverse in the physical world. In November 2021, Disney, through its CEO Bob Chapek, expressed particular interest in creating a metaverse. For the company, this new technology would offer highly interesting possibilities for storytelling and connecting characters with the community. ― ETX Studio