National University of Singapore student expelled after allegedly filming sex acts with two women without their consent

The National University of Singapore said that the student had his candidature terminated on Feb 10, 2021, after a disciplinary board hearing. ― TODAY file pic
The National University of Singapore said that the student had his candidature terminated on Feb 10, 2021, after a disciplinary board hearing. ― TODAY file pic

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SINGAPORE, April 12 — A male student from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has been expelled after he allegedly filmed himself engaging in sexual acts with two female students without their consent.

A university spokesperson told TODAY today that a disciplinary board hearing was convened in February after the allegations surfaced. 

The student was said to have “separately filmed two female students, without their consent, while engaging in sexual acts with them”.

The student, who was not named by NUS and whose identity could not be independently confirmed by TODAY, had his candidature terminated on February 10. 

The NUS spokesperson said: “The disciplinary sanction will form part of the student’s formal educational record at the university.”

She added that the safety and well-being of students were NUS’ top priorities.

“Upon being informed of the case, the university issued the student a no-contact order to prohibit him from contacting the victims.” 

The NUS care unit also extended support and help to the victims.

No further details were given, as the police are investigating the matter.

TODAY approached NUS for comment on March 30 after The Parrot Review, an online magazine, wrote about the allegations.

The article, published on March 29, claimed that the man was a fourth-year undergraduate, and was also a residential assistant, a team manager with the NUS powerlifting team and a scholar.

Residential assistants are student leaders with live-in positions at various residences on campus and are appointed after a rigorous selection process. 

The article added that the man, who was living at Prince George’s Park Residences, a student housing estate at NUS, was evicted five days after the victims’ complaint. 

NUS did not respond directly to the claims made by The Parrot Review in its response to TODAY.  

This is the latest in a series of sexual misconduct cases at NUS. 

In a report in January, NUS said that there were 71 complaints of sexual misconduct involving students in the past five years.

The year with the most complaints was 2019, when there were 25 such cases. 

That year, a high-profile incident involving then-undergraduate Monica Baey made headlines and sparked a nationwide debate on sexual misconduct at varsities. 

Baey had taken to Instagram to express anger that a fellow student, Nicholas Lim, had been issued only a conditional warning from the police and a suspension for a semester from NUS, after filming her in the shower at a student residence in November 2018.

In December last year, NUS political scientist Theodore G Hopf was dismissed for sexual misconduct, after investigations into a complaint alleging sexual harassment. 

His dismissal came months after another employee, Jeremy Fernando, was sacked from NUS’ Tembusu College in October last year for sexual misconduct.

The university said today that it took a strong stand against sexual misconduct and remained committed to building a culture of respect on its campuses. 

“Any student or staff who breaches the NUS statutes and regulations will face severe sanctions.” — TODAY

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