KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 21 — Fans of Netflix's Wednesday are calling for Canadian actor Percy Hynes White who played Xavier Thorpe in the hit series, to be removed from the cast following sexual assault allegations which have surfaced online.

This follows a Twitter thread posted by user milkievich on January 18, which shared detailed accounts and screenshots of text messages from multiple women who had gone to high school with the actor.

It was claimed in the thread that White during his high school years, would throw parties at his house where he and his friends would invite women they deemed attractive, to join them.


White and his group were accused of purposely inviting the women so they could get them drunk and high enough to have intercourse.

The Twitter thread accused White of sexual assault, sending unwanted nude photos to girls as well as calling them derogatory names.


Following initial allegations, more women, claiming to be victims of White and his group of friends, have come forward to share their stories online.

“It hurts to see this man in the public eye and admired by hundreds of thousands of young girls.

“He let me get raped in his basement, and when he called me about it, he was most worried about the police and not if I was okay. Then he continued to let a rapist live at his mothers,” tweeted user desiree.

The allegations have also resulted in the hashtag #cancelpercy online as many also expressed their concerns on the safety of the series lead actress, Jenna Ortega.

This is after videos of Ortega and White surfaced online where Twitter users pointed out how Ortega was looking ‘uncomfortable’ whilst being around White.

In one of the videos, White and Ortega were seen posing for a picture and.

While the actress struck a goofy pose, White wrapped his arm around her and the actress was seen moving quickly away from him after the photo was taken.

“Get this twisted man away from Jenna omg,” tweeted user lumaxwins.

“Rewatching this video made me realise Jenna clearly wasn’t having it when Percy hugged her,” user JoelomlQuinn.

White has yet to respond to the allegations although the actor did restrict comments on his Instagram account recently.

Both Ortega and White are expected to return for the second season of the dark comedy which is a spinoff from the famous 1991 film The Addams Family after it was announced the series was picked up for a second season in January after it was announced that Wednesday had broken Netflix's streaming record with 341.2 million hours of viewing.