PETALING JAYA, March 8 — Some ‘fans’ have taken to attacking local singer Yuna for displaying her aurat after she posted an image of her in a glittery outfit as part of her latest Y5 album.

Unkind comments from some social media users urging her to ‘turn back to God’ appeared in response to her post earlier today.

A social media user ‘advised’ her to maintain her dressing and what she chose to wear instead of simply wearing whatever she wants.

“Proud of you, but please look after your aurat,” wrote Siti Nur Hazirah Ar.

“You look pretty but I don’t understand the concept. Can’t we stay simple and modest?,” wrote another user.

Another user meanwhile compared the singer with another Malaysian musician Mizz Nina who had a total makeover in being modest in her dressing and hoped that Yuna would follow suit.

Despite the hate comments from some of these Facebook users, many Instagram users meanwhile have been praising the singer for her outfit and were looking forward to her latest album.



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The singer-songwriter announced the details of Y1, the first entry in her upcoming series of releases leading up to her upcoming album Y5.