Malaysian singer Alif Satar withdraws from hosting AME2020 after recovering from Covid-19, comedian-actor Zizan Razak to step in

Alif Satar withdrew himself from hosting AME2020. ― Picture via Instagram/Alif Satar
Alif Satar withdrew himself from hosting AME2020. ― Picture via Instagram/Alif Satar

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KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 18 ― Singer and TV host Alif Satar announced his withdrawal from hosting Anugerah MeleTOP Era 2020 (AME2020).

After recovering from Covid-19 recently, he arrived at the decision not to join co-hosts Nabil Ahmad and Jihan Muse as he didn’t feel he was up to it and that it wouldn’t be fair to the production after missed rehearsals.

“After contemplating it deeply, I’ve informed Astro of my withdrawal because personally, I feel that I don’t have enough stamina to be with the team for AME2020,” Alif told Gempak.


The 30-year-old said he didn’t want to burden the production team as well as his co-hosts who had undergone rehearsals and meetings in his absence.

“I also need to be fair to both of them (Nabil and Jihan) as well as the production team who have worked hard for AME while I couldn’t join them.”

Astro through their official Instagram however assured that Alif Satar will still play a role in the AME2020.

It also announced that comedian and actor, Zizan Razak will be replacing Alif’s role as co-host.


AME 2020 will be held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) on December 20.

Alif was tested positive for Covid-19, just a couple of days after performing at the Separuh Akhir Muzik Muzik 35 at Sri Pentas 2 in Shah Alam.

The singer was cleared of Covid-19 after almost 12 days of treatment and quarantine at the Melaka Hospital.

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