PETALING JAYA, Sept 25 — Malaysian actress Mimi Lana learned the hard way that a harmless photograph at the gym could end up with being body shamed.

The Cari Aku Di Syurga actress, a rising star who formerly dated popular actor Syafiq Kyle, became the subject of unkind remarks after posting a snapshot of her in activewear while preparing for a training session.

Mimi’s fellow Malaysians took the opportunity to criticise her slim frame instead, saying she was “too skinny” and that she needed to modify her body goals.

“No need to look, guys … just a piece of plywood,” one user wrote.

“Where are her body goals? She’s stick thin, just like Popeye’s wife,” said another, referring to the cartoon character Olive.



Prepare the armour before the battle 👻 @asicsmalaysia

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Others took it upon themselves to decide which body shape was best for Mimi, saying she should aim for a curvy figure instead of her current svelte appearance.

The 24-year-old, whose real name is Mimi Rozaiana Zainal Abidin, didn’t once mention body goals in her post.

“This is not a body goal, she’s skinny like a lizard whereas most women’s body goals include shapely breasts and a round bum,” one person commented.

“I agree, big round assets and a cut like an hourglass should be a woman’s body goal, not stick thin and flat,” a second person replied.

Despite the negative comments, Mimi’s post received over 45,000 likes.