PETALING JAYA, Sept 23 ― Singer Ashira is one of the many singers in the country who has experienced loss of income due to the movement control order (MCO).

Ashira, whose real name is Sharifah Nur Ashira Syed Abdul Aziz, told Mstar that one of her biggest struggles this year was trying to pay for her house rental.

“Since the recovery movement control order, I have beeb unable to pay my house rent which was RM1,200 for a duration of six months and was ordered to vacate the premises.

“What’s worse was that I was forced to evacuate the house the day after I received the delightful news that I made it into the seventh season of the television show Gegar Vaganza.

“The MCO has made my life harder as I am unable to sing in nightclubs because nightclubs are not allowed to operate under the new policy.”

As such, the Di Ombak Resah singer has tried many ways to cope with the loss of her income through selling laksa, helping friends with their online business and even having her performances online.

The singer is now staying temporarily in her sister’s house.

“It saddens me that I am separated from my son as he is staying in another sister’s house as the house I’m staying in is too small to fit us all.

“Sometimes I feel depressed and wonder why do I have to endure such hurdles in my life? What have I done wrong?”