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2020/08/31 Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' is off to a good start at the box office
2020/08/31 Custom masks, coronavirus and Black lives dominate VMA show
2020/08/31 MTV dedicates VMA show to 'true hero' Chadwick Boseman
2020/08/31 Venice Film Festival seeks to dodge coronavirus and controversy
2020/08/31 Box Office: 'New Mutants' makes US$7m debut
2020/08/29 Ridley Scott brings Bowie and bodysuits to sci-fi TV debut ‘Raised by Wolves’
2020/08/29 'Black Panther' star Chadwick Boseman dies at 43, after cancer battle
2020/08/28 Now you can enjoy Netflix in Malay. Here’s how
2020/08/28 Singer Shila Amzah releases new single ‘Kita’ in Malay, Mandarin to celebrate Merdeka Day (VIDEO)
2020/08/28 New Blackpink-Selena Gomez 'Ice Cream' song and music video released (VIDEO)
2020/08/28 Malaysian hip hop group K-Clique to perform on Bigo Live and raise funds for poverty-stricken families
2020/08/28 Malaysian actor Ikmal Amry flexes muscles and shows off abs online to land acting roles as they’re his 'selling point'
2020/08/28 Malaysian actress Scha Elinnea criticises victim-blaming culture after receiving rape comments online
2020/08/28 K-pop group BTS to release two more remix versions of 'Dynamite'
2020/08/28 DC FanDome viewed 22 million times around the world
2020/08/28 Keanu Reeves brings sunny 'Bill & Ted' sequel to 'darker' world
2020/08/27 Bollywood star Aamir Khan under fire over China, Turkey links
2020/08/27 BTS fans hit back at local actress Tiz Zaqyah for criticising K-pop group’s lyrics
2020/08/27 Actress Serina Redzuawan wins custody of daughter, ex-husband granted custody of their son
2020/08/27 The Summer of ‘WAP’: Cardi B’s bawdy bop stokes tensions
2020/08/27 Hollywood thriller ‘Tenet’ tests fans’ appetite for cinemas
2020/08/26 Queen Latifah will host a March on Washington special for Facebook Watch
2020/08/26 Disclosure announces immersive ‘Minecraft’ experience (VIDEO)
2020/08/26 Chinese metal bands turn up the volume as live venues reopen
2020/08/26 Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ seen as saviour for cinemas
2020/08/26 ‘Mulan’ will also be on sale from the App Store and Google Play
2020/08/26 Spanish actor Antonio Banderas ‘cured’ of Covid-19
2020/08/26 ‘West Wing’ reunion episode to boost Michelle Obama’s voter drive
2020/08/26 US court rejects Polanski’s bid to rejoin Academy
2020/08/25 ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ director will be taking your questions
2020/08/25 BBC plunged into ‘Rule Britannia’ censorship row
2020/08/25 Sotheby’s changes beat with first hip-hop auction
2020/08/25 Covid-19: Actors may shoot sex scenes with real-life partners
2020/08/25 Join local artists at the Roar for Life Virtual Concert to save Malayan tigers
2020/08/25 124 Malaysian DJs attempt record-setting non-stop livestream concert for 11 days leading to Merdeka Day
2020/08/25 Berlin film fest to drop sex distinctions in awards
2020/08/24 Malaysian singer Poovaa delivers powerful rendition of Sudirman’s ‘Warisan’ for Merdeka month (VIDEO)
2020/08/24 ‘Kita Merdeka’: Rock group Wings to hold virtual concert to celebrate Independence Day
2020/08/24 Russell Crowe's 'Unhinged' off to decent start as US cinemas slowly reopen
2020/08/23 Noir ‘The Batman’ footage thrills fans at DC virtual event
2020/08/22 Closely watched ‘Tenet’ earns critical praise as US cinemas reopen
2020/08/22 Lori Loughlin apologises for college scam as actress, husband get prison sentences
2020/08/21 Netflix apologises for artwork accused of sexualising young girls
2020/08/21 Masks, gel, and empty seats for Venice Film Festival
2020/08/21 Taylor Swift donates to London schoolgirl’s university fund
2020/08/21 South Korea’s BTS hopes ‘Dynamite’ blows away fans amid coronavirus gloom (VIDEO)
2020/08/21 Siti Nurhaliza’s two-year-old daughter makes cupcakes for parents’ wedding anniversary in adorable clip (VIDEO)
2020/08/21 Accused of appropriating Indian culture, Malaysian actress Mira Filzah apologises for wearing traditional clothes (VIDEO)
2020/08/21 US elections: Oprah Winfrey offers staff a day off to vote (VIDEO)
2020/08/21 'The Crown' returns to Netflix this November with season 4 (VIDEO)