Model-cum-entrepreneur Zarina Anjoulie slapped with RM5m lawsuit, this time from actress Amyza Aznan

Actress Amyza Aznan (right) is giving Zarina seven days to publicly apologise. — Pictures from Instagram, Twitter/Amyza Aznan, Zarina Anjoulie
Actress Amyza Aznan (right) is giving Zarina seven days to publicly apologise. — Pictures from Instagram, Twitter/Amyza Aznan, Zarina Anjoulie

PETALING JAYA, July 1 — The lawsuits just keep coming for controversy-plagued celebrity Zarina Anjoulie.

The 32-year-old model and entrepreneur whose real name is Zarina Anjoulie Lavocah Mohd Fahizul has now been slapped with an RM5 million lawsuit from actress Amyza Aznan.

This comes a week after actress Emelda Rosmila announced she was suing Zarina for RM1 million in damages in an ongoing feud following claims of defamation.

Amyza is seeking an apology and RM5 million in damages which she filed against Zarina through her legal representative Nurul Hafidzah Hassan, Harian Metro reported today.

The lawsuit was filed following statements issued by Hafidzah were slanderous and defamatory that were said to damage Amyza’s reputation as an artiste, on social media and media reports.

In a notice issued through The Law Chambers of Fauzi & Naseer, Amyza is demanding an apology within seven days as well as damages.

Amyza’s lawyer Naseer Yusof said the apology must be made on social media, media outlets and press conferences before any discretionary actions are taken against the claim.

“If this is not done within seven days, then we will file a suit in court,” he said.

Naseer and another lawyer, Fauzi Abdul Samad along with Amyza were at Hafidzah’s office in Shah Alam today to issue her the notice.

However, Hafidzah was not in the office and the notice was given to her staff.

According to Amyza, the slanderous statements made by Hafidzah in media reports claimed that Amyza and fellow actress Emelda launched a character assassination campaign against Zarina.

“This claim was made to clear the name.

“All this time, everyone knows I have a clean record in the entertainment industry,” she said.

Amyza added that Hafidzah’s statements have tarnished her reputation in the arts.

“What that lawyer said is an insult and slander.

“What I’m doing is trying to stay in the art industry for more than two decades,” she said.

Amyza and her legal representatives also requested the claims filed by Zarina previously.

“We hope that all documents can be submitted to us as soon as possible to include a memorandum of presence and defense.

Previously, Hafidzah’s submission had been sent to an address that was no longer used by Amyza.

“She doesn’t reside there anymore,” Amyza’s lawyer said.

“But when we went to Hafidzah’s office to request the documents, her staff informed us that all documents had been delivered to Amyza’s final address.

“I also asked the staff for the legal number for me to search on the e-judiciary platform but that number was not shared,” he said.

Zarina previously sent two separate legal claims against Emelda and Amyza through her lawyer, seeking an apology and RM4 million in compensation, namely RM3 million from Amyza and RM1 million from Emelda.

It was reported that Amyza remained silent until Zarina’s lawyer, Hafidzah, confirmed that Amyza failed to appear in court since the suit was filed.

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