KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 26 — The presence of media at her newly-opened shop at Central, Hong Kong has rubbed actress Cecilia Cheung the wrong way.

The media’s interest in her being present at her shop caused Cheung to leave the premises, that is located a short distance away from her ex-husband Nicholas Tse’s bakery.

Venting her frustration on her social media later, Cheung, who divorced Tse in 2011, said media presence had led to her clients refusing to step into her shop.

“You all have taken a lot pictures!  Hope you guys will stop! Bye Bye!” she said in the live feed.

In a separate post that was taken in her car, Cheung said:

“There must be mutual respect among the people, thank you!”

She also said many fans had sent her private messages expressing their displeasure that she had left the shop.

“Actually there is nothing to be unhappy about. The shop is newly-opened and I am just there to ensure everything runs smoothly. I still have my staff to attend to you and will help to solve your problems,” she said.

Cheung’s shop sells clothes, bags and jewellery from her online SeeCeci Street collection.