A bunch of friends turned family, meet Canada’s indie pop band, Alvvays

Alvvays ready for their debut show in Malaysia.  — Picture courtesy of Urbanscapes 2018
Alvvays ready for their debut show in Malaysia. — Picture courtesy of Urbanscapes 2018

PETALING JAYA, Nov 6 — For Alvvays, they’re more than just a band put together to produce great indie music.

Lead singer Molly Rankin told Malay Mail that the Canadian band were friends since their teenage years and described the bond as a family. 

“We enjoy each other’s company and fairly happy with where we are now.”

Rankin lives nearby keyboardist Kerri MacLellan in Toronto, while guitarist Alec O’Hanley and bassist Brian Murphy are from nearby Prince Edward Island, with drummer Sheridan Riley being the only newcomer in the band.

And with seven years of success, Rankin admits the ‘family’ bond in the band is strong.

“We’ve been friends with each other for a long time and coming from Toronto it wasn’t easy.

“You’d rarely here any new music from there,” she confesses.

Rankin even pointed out the way the band sets up their equipment, whether it’s a big or small stage, shows their bond.

“We love keeping things close and small, even if we play on a big stage, our equipment’s are set up real close.

“I love being like in a small space with them, on stage or in a studio, it’s the nicest moments,” Rankin said.

2018 could have not gone better for the band.

A world tour alongside shows in legendary venues such as Roundhouse, London, a venue that hosted the likes of Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Ramones in their prime.

Alvvays did brilliantly, and as Rankin puts it, they don’t think much about their show.

“I don’t think whether were performing in London or this big venue before we go on stage because we might get stage frights.”

2014’s self-titled debut album and 2017’s Antisocialites were great albums too but Rankin hardly looks back and wonder how successful or bad those two albums performed on the charts.

“I like to be more focused on what’s happening now and never sort of look at the past, or the year.

“But that’s useful when you want to get some inspiration, looking back at your past success,” she said.

On stage, Rankin’s melodic voice blends well with MacLellan’s (keyboardist and backup vocals) and the chemistry of the other three is a similar affair.

Many have compared Alvvays to The Cranberries or Dolly Mixtures, but Rankin prefers zero comparisons.

“I don’t care what people want to say when they compare us to different bands. I’ve never told the band we need a specific sound, at the end of the day its about having a good time and displaying great music.

“So when people compare me to The Cranberries, I’m like okay, maybe just a song or two,” the Toronto-based artiste said.

On Thursday, the band’s latest venture will take them to the Chin Woo Stadium in Kuala Lumpur for Unlimited Grooves Festival Pre-Party by U Mobile.

“We’ll be the best version of ourselves, I don’t know how long we’re playing for but expect an energetic show.”

* Malay Mail is the official media partner for creative arts festival Urbanscapes 2018, happening from November 3 to 18 across Kuala Lumpur.

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