GEORGE TOWN, Nov 21 — No bombs were detected on the grounds of the two schools that received bomb threats via email today, North-east district acting police chief Supt V. Saravanan said.

He said the schools — Tenby International School in Tanjung Tokong and Penang Japanese School in Sungai Pinang — received the same bomb threat from the same email address.

“The email was titled ‘Bahan Letupan Telah Ditanam Di Sekolah’ (Explosives have been buried in school),” he told reporters today.

“The contents of the email said the sender was facing a difficult life, and was hated by people around them, raped by their own father from young and humiliated in school,” he added.

He said a bomb disposal unit and K-9 unit were dispatched to both schools after police received reports of the bomb threats earlier today.

“Based on our investigations, nothing suspicious was detected,” he said.

He said the Fire and Rescue Department was also present in both locations.

The police will be investigating the case under Section 507 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation by way of anonymous communication, he added.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission will also be recruited to assist in identifying the sender of the email, he said.

The schools had lodged police reports over the bomb threats between 11.20am and 12.27pm today.

Earlier, Selangor police chief Comm Datuk Hussein Omar Khan also confirmed that nine international schools in the Klang Valley also received bomb threats that forced their evacuations.

It is still unclear if the same email was also sent to the international schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.