PUTRAJAYA, Aug 11 — In an effort to empower the use of the Malay language in public service, heads of departments must ensure that every official function organised by their respective department be conducted entirely in Malay.

The matter is stated in the Human Resources Service Circular (MyPPSM), PO.1.1.1: Empowerment of the Use of the Malay Language in Public Service which is included with a circular dated August 9, 2022 signed by Director-General of Public Service (KPPA) Datuk Seri Mohd Shafiq Abdullah.

The circular states that preparations and proactive actions such as providing facilities, translation services and financial allocation should be taken accordingly to ensure that instructions on the use of the Malay language can be fully implemented.

“Department heads also need to ensure that all their staff members have a good command of both spoken and written Malay.

“Regular monitoring, evaluation and auditing should be carried out as needed in reference to the appropriate professional body or agency,” said the circular.

The circular was also extended to all civil servants in state governments, statutory bodies and local authorities.

According to the circular, heads of department must ensure the proper use of Malay in official affairs, official letters and agreement documents in domestic and foreign affairs.

Among the guidelines for the use of the Malay language stated is official letters including for foreign affairs must be sent or replied using the Malay language.

“English translation is then attached to (the official letters) if the (foreign) countries do not have Malay language experts,” it said.

All public officials must have a good command of Malay in all official affairs and constantly improve their Malay language knowledge and skills.

However, it said English can still be used in certain circumstances such as due to legal requirements so as not to affect the smooth delivery of services. — Bernama