SIPITANG, May 22 — Floods caused by heavy rain over the past two days struck 17 villages here yesterday, and so far 32 people from 11 families have been evacuated, according to the Sabah State Disaster Management Committee.

It said in a statement today that the villages were Kampung Menengah Ulu Sipitang, Kampung Skim Sindumin, Kampung Pantai, Kampung Tanjung Nipis, Kampung Kawang, Kampung Banting, Kampung Bangsal.

Kampung Jalan Masjid SIndumin, Kampung Kawang Baru, Kampung Luagan, Kampung Luagan Pantai, Kampung Masjid Pantai, Kampung Pantai Lama, Kampung Skim Baru Sindumin, Kampung Siputul, Kampung Mendulong and Kampung Kaban.

The statement said the 32 victims were evacuated from midnight last night to a relief centre at Mesapol Mini Hall which was opened late yesterday afternoon.

“Heavy rain since Friday causing the water levels of Sungai Mengalong and Sungai Lukutan to rise rapidly and overflow...the villages are still flooded,” the statement said.

The statement said that six roads in the area were only passable to heavy vehicles and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

The roads are Jalan Kampung Menengah, Jalan Kampung Tanjung Nipis, Jalan Kampung Bangsa, Jalan Luagan Sindumin, Jalan Skim Sindumin and Jalan Masjid Kampung Pantai.

The weather in Sipitang is sunny today, but rainy in some areas in Sabah, including the east coast of Sandakan and Tawau. — Bernama