KUALA LUMPUR, March 30 — The country’s transition to the endemic phase from April 1 does not mean that Malaysians should forget the new norms that have been practised for over two years following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the people should instead continue practising them, including personal hygiene.

“Let’s not do away with these new norms. For example, wearing face masks. If in the past, we feel like wearing a face mask is an alien culture but now, we would feel that something is wrong if don’t wear one,” he said in the programme Responsif entitled “Transition to the Endemic Phase” over TV1 last night.

Annuar said other policies and practices, such as working from home and purchasing goods via online platforms can also be a way of life, even though the situation has returned to normal.

“Same goes for the ventilation system in buildings. If in the past, no one cared about this but now it has become one of the things that need to be given attention...we should make adjustments where appropriate,” he added. 

On the possibility of holding the 15th General Election once the country entered the transition to the endemic phase, Annuar said the government has to look at it from several aspects.

“When an election should be held is at the discretion of the government of the day. First, if it (the Parliament) has reached its full term and second is whether the current situation allows the democratic process to run, the security aspect and so on.

“The government has to decide on these and the transition period is the best time for the government to consider whether the general election can be held or not,” he said.

However, Annuar said the process to dissolve the Parliament was no small matter and needed to take into account its impact on the country, including in terms of investments, ongoing policies and economic growth. — Bernama