IPOH, Dec 6 — Tronoh state assemblyman Paul Yong Choo Kiong is set to find out if he is required to enter his defence on the charge of raping an Indonesian maid tomorrow.

High Court Judge Datuk Abdul Wahab Mohamed is scheduled to make the decision at 10am.

On September 28, 2021, the prosecution rested its case after calling 23 individuals, including two protected witnesses, to testify during the trial of the case which began on April 5.

The court set the date for the decision after hearing the submissions from the prosecution and defence on November 16, 2021.

Yong, 51, was charged with raping the 23-year-old maid in a room on the top floor of the former’s house in Meru Desa Park, between 8.15pm and 9.15pm, on July 7, 2019, under Section 376 (1) of the Penal Code which carries a jail term of up to 20 years, and possible whipping, if convicted.

The case was previously mentioned in the Sessions Court, but on December 15, 2020, the Federal Court allowed an application from the defence for the case to be transferred to the High Court.

Yong was charged in the Sessions Court on August 23, 2019. He was state housing, local government, public transport, non-Muslim affairs and new village committee chairman at the time. — Bernama