KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 — Malaysia has recorded another 36 deaths due to Covid-19 as of yesterday, bringing the total Covid-19 death toll in Malaysia since the pandemic started to 30,574.

Out of the 36 deaths logged yesterday, eight were brought in dead. A total of 6,189 of the total Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia were brought in dead.

Out of the additional 36 Covid-19 deaths yesterday, a quarter or nine of them were recorded in Sabah including seven who were brought in dead, followed by Penang which reported six Covid-19 deaths, Johor and Kelantan with four each, Terengganu and Negri Sembilan with three each, Perak with three including one brought in dead.

The rest were recorded in Pahang (two) and one each in Perlis and Selangor, while no additional Covid-19 death was logged yesterday in Kedah, Melaka, Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya.

Over the last two-week period, Malaysia had 15 Covid-19 deaths per one million people.

During the same period, the state with the highest Covid-19 deaths per one million people is Terengganu at 45, followed by Kelantan (29), Perak (24), Perlis (20), Negri Sembilan (19), Pahang (15), while the other states and federal territories had figures below 15.

In the past one week, the 315 Covid-19 deaths recorded in Malaysia mostly involved those in the older age groups, with 70 individuals in the age group of 80 and above, 85 (70-79 age group), 75 (60-69 age group), 44 (50-59 age group), 26 (40-49 age group), 10 (30-39 age group), and five individuals (18-29 age group). 

Infections by state

Out of the 4,896 new Covid-19 cases reported in Malaysia yesterday, 27.5 per cent or 1,347 were from Selangor, followed by Johor with 487 of these cases, Sabah (351), Penang (344), Kedah (335), Kelantan (432), Pahang (299), Perak (235), Kuala Lumpur (232), Negri Sembilan (230).

The rest were in Melaka (225), Terengganu (168), Sarawak (104), Perlis (44), Putrajaya (37), and Labuan (26).

The new Covid-19 cases yesterday brought the total tally in Malaysia since the pandemic began to 2,654,474 cases.

Out of this figure of over 2.6 million, 96.49 per cent or 2,561,232 have so far recovered, including 4,678 who were recorded yesterday as having recovered.

As of midnight, there are now 62,668 active Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, including an additional 182 recorded yesterday as active cases.

Out of the 62,668 active cases, 81.5 per cent or 51,062 are under home quarantine, 9.8 per cent or 6,124 are in quarantine and treatment centres, 8 per cent or 4,992 currently hospitalised.

Another 0.4 per cent of the active cases or 221 patients are in intensive care units (ICU) without requiring respiratory support, while another 0.4 per cent or 269 patients in ICUs had to be intubated.