KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 26 — The Ministry of Health recorded 92 new Covid-19 related deaths at midnight, doubling yesterday’s figure of 46 deaths.

According to data released on the CovidNow portal, 11 of the new deaths were of people who died before reaching hospitals.

Malaysia’s cumulative Covid-19 death toll now stands at 28,492 fatalities, with an overall fatality rate of 1.2 per cent out of the 2.43 million confirmed Covid-19 cases locally.

Overall, data showed that 22,741 deaths reported so far involved inpatients, while 5,751 deaths so far were of those brought-in-dead.

The national fatality rate rose to 25 deaths per one million people, with Perlis (63), Sarawak (59), and Penang (45) the states with the highest number of deaths per one million people.

Selangor reported an average of 11 deaths per one million people over the last two weeks, Kuala Lumpur with 10 per one million, and Putrajaya with zero.

Klang Valley has an average of 11 deaths cumulatively per one million.

Data also showed that over the past two weeks, 44.2 per cent of deaths involved unvaccinated individuals, 8.7 per cent involved those partially vaccinated, and 47.1 per cent of deaths from those fully vaccinated.

Over the past two weeks, 75.2 per cent of deaths were of those aged 60 and above, 24.3 per cent involving those aged 18 to 59, 0.2 per cent of deaths involving teenagers, and 0.1 per cent or one death involving children aged 11 and below.

New infections

From a total of 5,768 new cases reported as of midnight by the CovidNow portal, 1,016 were new cases detected in Selangor, 689 in Sarawak, and 568 in Johor.

Cumulatively, Klang Valley reported 1,284 new infections with just 243 reported in Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, Sabah reported 565 new infections, 557 in Kelantan, 365 in Perak, 362 in Terengganu, 359 in Kedah, 354 in Penang, 271 in Pahang, and 166 in Negri Sembilan.

Labuan only reported four new cases.