According to the statistics from the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) on Twitter, of yesterday's numbers 142,890 received their first vaccine dose, while 55,073 received their second dose.

In total, 4,688,233 doses have been administered in Malaysia as of June 14, with 3,275,194 having received the first dose, while 1,413,039 have received the second dose.

The highest number of vaccinations by state or territory was in Kuala Lumpur, with 573,392 first doses and 127,174 second doses respectively.

This was followed by Selangor with 487,138 first doses and 180,605 second doses respectively, as well as Sarawak with 355,676 first doses and 159,920 second doses respectively.

Currently the least inoculated state or territory in Malaysia is Labuan with 19,109 first doses and 13,315 second doses respectively.

It is followed by Putrajaya with 29,722 first doses and 17,738 second doses respectively, as well as Perlis with 45,042 first doses and 23,541 second doses respectively.

CITF's statistics have also revealed approximately 13,811,642 cumulative total registrations for the Covid-19 vaccination programme, as of yesterday. This brings the programme's national progress to 59 per cent of the total number of people in Malaysia.

The state or territory with the highest number of registrations for the Covid-19 vaccine is Selangor at 3,510,783, followed by Sarawak with 1,321,651, and Johor with 1,723,619.

The state or territory with the least number of registrations is Labuan at 45,285, followed by Putrajaya at 70,776, and Perlis at 102,906.