IPOH, March 17 — Kampar MP Thomas Su has urged DAP’s central executive committee (CEC) to give him an opportunity to explain his vocal objection which caused a ruckus at the state party election last Sunday.

Su said the CEC should take necessary action to investigate the matter.

“Firstly, I would like to be given an opportunity to explain the events that led to my vocal objections which I have now come to know, has caused some controversy over the social media.

“At about 12.30pm, when I was at the convention and while the meeting was already in progress, I came to know that the registration of delegates were still ongoing.

“I then made enquiries and discovered that the attendance list was used by a certain group of people and individuals to call and bring in more delegates even when the meeting was already in progress which I felt was improper,” he said in a statement.

Su said he objected to such acts and requested that such acts to be ceased or that he should also be allowed access to the said register roll list.

“However my objections were not heeded, which I felt were against the fundamental beliefs of DAP which had prided itself on fighting for transparency, accountability and democracy.

“Against my better judgment, I then lost my composure and raised my voice which triggered a war of words between members that snowballed into the incident as reported by the media,” he said.

“On hindsight, I ought to have raised my concerns in a more appropriate manner and forum and I recognise that my actions however well meant or in line with what I believe to be the spirit of what DAP stands for, is wrong and did not reflect the manner in which how DAP would fight its struggles,” he added.

He, however, noted that his actions have tarnished the party reputation and his own public image.

Su said that he takes responsibility of the incident and expressed his regret and apologies.

“I believe my hope is in line with what DAP has been striving for; fair and transparent elections,” he added.

On Sunday, chaos broke out at the DAP party election after factions from parliamentarians M. Kulasegaran and Su claimed that the registration of delegates was not conducted fairly.