KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 2 — Anih Bhd, the concessionaire for the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway (KLK) and the East Coast Expressway 1 (LPT1), today pleaded with motorists against performing prayers on emergency lanes as they would risk traffic accidents.

“We truly appreciate the patience of KLK Highway users and also the obedience of the Muslims to perform their prayers while traveling to the East Coast, during every festive season and public holidays.

“However, we as the KLK Highway operators, also seek patience and reasonableness from road users so as not to perform their prayers on the roads; that is on the emergency lane, for safety factors,” it said in a statement.

The company’s response came following a viral photo on social media showing Muslim travellers performing the early “subuh” prayer on Km32 on the KLK, owing to the traffic congestion caused by the “balik kampung” exodus for Aidiladha celebrations.


The photo showed long lines of cars parked on an emergency lane with Muslims praying on the tarmac between the cars, while congested traffic continues on the KLK Highway.

“This may cause [accidents] involving motorists and vehicles that are not aware of the static presence of individuals who are on the emergency lanes,” it added.

The concessionaire also advised road users to plan their journey and stop for prayers in designated places such as the rest and recreation (R&R) stops along LPT1 and the KLK Highway, while returning to the Klang Valley, taking into consideration another bout of traffic congestion.


Traffic is reported slow-moving on several major expressways this morning as more people are making their return trip home after being away for the Aidiladha celebrations.