KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 — Pos Malaysia Bhd announced this morning that it was suspending all international deliveries indefinitely from August 3.

The national postal carrier said the only country it will still deliver to was Singapore, with which Malaysia has resumed partial cross-border travel.

“The temporary service suspension is due to service impact related to Covid-19, which include varying levels of restrictions across destination countries on flights, airport closuresand cross border services,” Pos Malaysia said.

The announcement is set to further disrupt global deliveries that have already slowed significantly due to measures countries have taken to try and limit their exposure to Covid-19.

Malaysian health authorities said the country was in the recovery stage of the pandemic but the country has experienced a recent spike in cases that have led to warnings that the movement control order could be reimposed.

While the pandemic has been contained locally, Covid-19 has continued to rage on in other parts of the world.

Yesterday, there were 289,053 new Covid-19 infections and 7,003 deaths reported globally, bringing the total number of cases worldwide to over 17 million.