Ismail Sabri: 824 vehicles ordered to turn back yesterday, worst ‘balik kampung’ offenders in Selangor

Police personnel conduct checks on vehicles at the Duta toll exit in Kuala Lumpur May 27, 2020. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri
Police personnel conduct checks on vehicles at the Duta toll exit in Kuala Lumpur May 27, 2020. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

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KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 — Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob today said that authorities stopped 824 vehicles that attempted to travel across state borders to balik kampung during the nationwide enforced conditional movement control order (CMCO) yesterday.

Ismail Sabri noted that the police carried out 155 interstate roadblocks throughout the country with 127,672 vehicles inspected.

He said the 824 vehicles — an increase of 86 vehicles compared to the previous day — were then ordered to turn back.

“I would like to remind everyone again to obey the standard operating procedures and rules issued by the government.

“Your cooperation and self-discipline will go a long way in helping the police in their duties. I believe if we all adhere to the SOP and discipline ourselves, action will not be taken by the authorities against us,” he said in his daily press conference here.

States that recorded the highest number of attempts to cross state borders were Selangor (284), Kedah (122) and Melaka (113).





Ismail Sabri said police arrested 136 individuals yesterday, with 75 remanded and 61 released under bail for flouting CMCO rules.

“The police also issued compounds to 534 individuals for committing various CMCO offences, of which 25 out of 266 compounds issued at police stations were for Aidilfitri house visitation,” he said, adding that 257 compounds were issued at manned roadblocks.

Responding to a question on individuals needing to return to major cities to attend job interviews, Ismail Sabri advised companies conducting said interviews to hold them online instead, with interstate travel still prohibited throughout the CMCO.

Asked to respond to several reports of individuals being arrested and issued compounds for fishing during the CMCO, Ismail Sabri reiterated that fishing activities in large groups are still prohibited under the CMCO, with recreational activities involving crowds disallowed. 

“I have said before that fishing in ponds is not allowed because if compared to lakes, the size differs and it may be difficult for individuals to maintain distance with each other.

“Therefore I believe the arrests were made because the said individuals had gathered in a large group to fish. If only one goes fishing, I believe there will be no arrests whatsoever,” he said.





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