Muhyiddin: Action against Hat Yai Peace Accord gathering organisers to be decided after completion of probe

Muhyiddin said he anticipated investigations would be completed by the end of this week. — Picture by Shafwan Zaidon
Muhyiddin said he anticipated investigations would be completed by the end of this week. — Picture by Shafwan Zaidon

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 2 — The Home Ministry will decide if any action will be taken against those who organised the Hat Yai Peace Accord gathering which happened in Kajang yesterday, after investigations are completed.

Its minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the police are in the midst of investigating the gathering as well as the reasons for it taking place.

“We will wait for investigations to be completed before we decide if any further action will be taken on the organisers.

“Investigations into the matter were launched immediately and I am hopeful that they will be completed by the end of this week,” Muhyiddin told reporters after the Immigration Day 2019 celebration here.

Muhyiddin was referring a gathering held yesterday organised by a group of former members of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) to commemorate the signing of the peace treaty in Hat Yai, Thailand on December 2, 1989.

The CPM had signed the peace accord with the Malaysian and Thai government saw the end of its 21 years of Communist insurgency in Malaysia.

According to Muhyiddin, the gathering was the first he has heard about and the police Special Branch are currently looking into the reason behind this gathering was held.

“We have requested for the police Special Branch to investigate if the gathering was done close or open doors, and whether they should inform relevant authorities (following existing laws) prior to the event.

“We want to find out, why now? Was it merely organised to celebrate its 30th anniversary of the peace treaty or is this an effort to revive the spirit of Communism from the past?

“We cannot take this lightly as our country is already in a peaceful state. Why do we need this kind of incident to spark again?” he said.

When asked whether the CPM former members were allowed to conduct such gatherings, Muhyiddin said this was a form of freedom of expression.

“Our country is a free country, so we cannot prevent or stop people from conducting these activities.

“But we need to consider that in a peaceful country like this, should we ignite this type of 'spirit'?” said Muhyiddin.

He warned that the “after effects” may not be good, and has reminded all Malaysians that while Malaysia is a multi-ethic and cultural nation, it is the Home Ministry's responsibility to keep the country peaceful.

“I am also worried about why lately there are talks of such trends? It is because our country has achieved a matured democracy status and so people feel that they can do these things or what?

“I want to remind all Malaysians that while we respect the different ethnicities and cultures in our country, as a Home Minister, I must ensure that there are no conflicts or thoughts which create unrest,” he added.

The Hat Yai Peace Accord anniversary gathering probe comes after the police launched an investigation into how former Malayan communist politician Chin Peng's ashes were brought into the country.

Chin Peng reportedly lived in exile in Thailand since the peace treaty was signed.

Previously reported, his family's request to bury him in Malaysia was rejected by the Malaysian authorities when he died in September 2013.

His ashes we also disallowed to be brought back to Malaysia during the former and present administration.

Muhyiddin reportedly said based on guidelines on bringing back and taking out the ashes of a person, the Customs Department must be informed.

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