Seremban Health Dept orders six eateries to close due to unhygienic conditions

SEREMBAN, Sept 20 ― A total of six food premises in the area have been ordered to close for 14 days by the state Health Department for various offences including operating in unhygienic conditions.

The temporary closure order was issued during the three hours operation beginning at 9pm yesterday and ending at midnight, on 25 food premises in the area, which was also attended by state Health, Environment, Cooperative and Consumerism Committee chairman S. Veerapan.

Speaking to reporters later, Veerapan said the closure order was made under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983 and this brought the total number of food premises that were ordered to close from January to Sept 15 to 5,487.

“Among the offences identified were failing to have food handlers injected and undergoing training, not wearing proper attires such as aprons, for not storing food properly and using dirty cooking utensils,” he said here.

In addition, a total of 82 notices were issued under Section 32B of the Food Act 1983 with compounds totalling RM22,100, bringing the total number of notices issued to 1,384, involving compounds amounting to RM385,000, during the same period.

The operation comprised 61 officers from the Seremban, Rembau, Tampin, Port Dickson, Jelebu, Kuala Pilah and Jempol health district offices. ― Bernama