Flash flood claims Dutch tourist in Sarawak’s Mulu National Park, guide still missing

MIRI, July 13 — The foreign tourist who was reported missing during a flash flood in the Deer Cave (Gua Rusa) in the Mulu National Park and was found dead at 6.40am today was a Dutch national and not a German.

Miri Fire and Rescue chief Law Poh Kiong in a brief statement issued at midday today clarified that his identity was Peter Hans, 66, and not Peter Hoverkamp, as stated earlier.

Hans and a local tour guide Roviezal Robin, 20, were reported missing at the height of the flash flood at about 5.50pm yesterday.

Law added that the search and rescue operation was still being conducted for Roviezal.

The Mulu National Park is a popular tourist destination in Sarawak. The Mulu Caves are a hit with tourists, with one of the entrances resembling former United States president Abraham Lincoln and in 2000 was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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